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Early Reader
by Monica L. Ray and C. Anthony Ray

(208) 883-5500


To install this program on a 32-bit Windows computer (Windows '95, '98', NT, Windows ME or Windows 2000), first close any programs that are running.  Pay particular attention to closing anti-virus software, music players or other programs that may run at startup, without you asking them to run.  

If you have bought this program on a CD, insert the CD-ROM into your CD drive.  If it does not autostart, double-click the "My Computer" icon, usually in the upper left-hand corner of your desktop screen, and double-click your CD-ROM icon.

If you have downloaded this program from the Internet, simply double-click on the saved file to start the installation process.

If your child tends to press down a key and hold it, you should slow the repeat-rate on your keyboard.  To do this, double click the "control panel", which is another folder in "My Computer".   Double click the "keyboard" icon.  Adjust the "repeat delay" slider from short to long.  You might also want to adjust the "repeat rate" slider from fast to slow.  Then click the "OK" button.

More Programs

Check the Internet at for additional programs in this series.  As my grandchildren grow, I'm sure I'll write more.

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